La Bottega dell'Arcimboldo was born with the precise intention of reconstructing the magical atmosphere of the old bottega of Renaissance Florence.
In a time like the present wthi its often frenetic pace, experimenting the pleasure of studying drawing and painting, and the satisfaction of exploring art to find at-times forgotten sensations, is sure to raise the spirit, and give life to a truly unique aesthetic component.

Do you love to draw and paint and want to achieve excellence?

Discover why artists of every level and from all over the world take our courses.

Three-dimensionality, comprehension of volumes, ability to reproduce are all elements that find their utmost expression in the Art of the Renaissance. What did those artists know that has been lost in the mist of time? Take the first step towards making your art evolve: AGREE TODAY

Adori disegnare e dipingere e vuoi raggiungere l’eccellenza?

Scopri come mai artisti di qualsiasi livello e da tutto il mondo seguono i nostri corsi.

Tridimensionalità, comprensione dei volumi, abilità di riproduzione, tutti elementi che hanno trovato la loro massima espressione nell’Arte del Rinascimento. Cosa sapevano quegli artisti che si è perso nelle nebbie del tempo? Fai il primo passo verso l’evoluzione della tua arte.


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La Magia delle Bottege Rinascimentali




Overview and Philosophy

...from a dark and materialistic period, the Accademia d'Arte dell'Arcimboldo purposes to concretely reawaken the student's innate talent, shaping it and leading him to the utmost degree of artistic perfection.

Art in the Renaissance

The period that unfolded in Florence from the second half of the XIV century until the XVI century, marking a veritable rebirth from a dark and materialistic past. This "rebirth" enjoyed an extraordinary diffusion and continuity. Not

From Classicism to Hyperrealism

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La Bottega dell’Arcimboldo

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