“ […] So the advice I feel I can give everyone is to trust your own judgment: if you want to reach sure objectives, Domenico and all his wonderful staff will show you the way, and accompany you through the best steps to reach your goal. In addition to possessing a good manual skill, the required qualifications are passion, determination, humility and the awareness that you never stop learning"
Elena P.

"Everyone who attends your course should feel fortunate to do so, because the environment that you have created is all that an artist can desire. Excellent teachers and a marked spirituality. I feel that every day that passes brings me closer to what I have always known I wanted to do in life, to be a painter. So keep it up, because there are still a lot of people out there who will need you, and I feel sure that they’ll attain all the success they deserve."
Debora C.

“The Arcimboldo school suddenly opened my mind onto a new vision of life. It’s like starting all over again but without breaking the ties with the past; the time spent with you and my classmates magically and incredibly push me into the future.”
Ing. Franco C.

[…]I have a new respect for the surface of the support (note the fine canvas I use now) and for small brushes. I’m beginning to understand ‘pulling’, ‘shading’ and ‘veiling’ – in short, I’m on the right track! And it is thanks to you that I have broken bad habits and learnt new techniques – not an easy thing to do at my age!. In any event, the painting is a homage to your teaching, and you can consider it as the successful result of the work we did together.[…]
Marnie R.

“It’s beautiful to be here doing pencil drawings listening to music. It feels like the first day of school, but knowing that you’re here for the beauty of learning, and not for the grades. It doesn’t matter where you started from and where you arrive. It’s the journey that gives happiness, serenity, confidence.[…]”
Cristina S.

“[…]It’s your teaching that is helping me, and the realization that if it is loved as it should be, art can fill ones life and give great joy. That’s what I see in Domenico. Thank you!”
Giuliana N.

“Our lives are made of ‘meetings’, human relations, experiences, emotions. […] Arcimboldo is truly a fine workshop where you learn a trade, and also a good place to be.”
Grazia B.

“[…]I wish to inform you that the painting I presented at the XXIV edition of the “Premio Firenze” 2006 Visual Arts, received 2nd PRIZE “FIORENTINO D’ARGENTO PER LA SEZIONE GRAFICA.”
Fabiano P.

“I am amazed by the effectiveness of this method that makes you become a true professional in drawing and painting. […] With this method and a lot of determination and perseverance, I’ll make it! And I think that everybody, sooner or later, can make it.”
Elisabeth P.

“[…] Today I’m in Florence, and destiny has led me to find the “Magical Bottega dell’Arcimboldo”. I can’t explain what I feel, but it’s like a dream come true. I’m really on the road of Art. Here, I really have found masters who with wisdom and patience offer me perfect guidance. With each lesson I feel my brain is evolving. And I will be sure to dedicate myself to the utmost to learn and evolve.”
Riccardo J.

“[…] The painting of backgrounds with ‘rectangles’ (basic exercise), the first work, helped me considerably: it gave me a greater control of my darned hands. And as I painted I realized that my brush flowed confidently, and I could draw those thin, thin lines very, very straight … the dream of many of my works. What satisfaction!!!”
Gloria P.

“[…]it takes just a second to find the way out, a path that for so long had been blocked by the fear of making mistakes. The simple gesture of making the pencil flow … the imperceptible sound it makes … in a flash, everything is an emanation of beauty […]”
Laura S.

“[…]I will jealously cherish your teachings, and attempt to put them into practice in the works I realize.”
Anna A.





Overview and Philosophy

...from a dark and materialistic period, the Accademia d'Arte dell'Arcimboldo purposes to concretely reawaken the student's innate talent, shaping it and leading him to the utmost degree of artistic perfection.

Art in the Renaissance

The period that unfolded in Florence from the second half of the XIV century until the XVI century, marking a veritable rebirth from a dark and materialistic past. This "rebirth" enjoyed an extraordinary diffusion and continuity. Not

From Classicism to Hyperrealism

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